Snoop Dogg G-Pen Vaporizer

199 kr

Snoop Dogg G Pen herbal vaporizer features

* Dry Herb Vaporizer, cool feeling
* No tobacco, burning, tar, cigarette butts and horrible smells
* Convenient, ,portable, durable and repeatable use
* Atomizer is with multi-cotton wicks, no leaking
* Pen style E cigarette, novel beautiful design
* 650mAh battery capacity

Snoop Dogg Gpen specifications

Work Voltage: 3.3v – 4.2v
Charging Time: 2.5h – 5h
Resistance: 2.3 – 2.5 Ohm
Switch: 5-click on/off function
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Battery Life: over 300 times
Kit Weight:120g
Coil Material: Titanium
Vaporizer Type: Dry herb vaporizer pen

Snoop Dogg G Pen blister kit contents

1 Complete Snoop Dogg G Pen vaporizer
1 USB Charger
1 Cleaning Tips
1 Cleaning Brush